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Why would you need in the raining season When you riding you need a raining coat or raining shoes? You would definitely need our full cover Fender. To see this one is made by the polycarbonate and you can twist it. It's quite strong and we have different width that you can choose. Not only have the traditional fender stay like MSA, MSB, MSI or MSV. If you don't like the plastic one, we also have the aluminium options, we have the width from 37 to 72, you can just let us know what you need. And because in the recent years there are more and more E- bikes in the market and we do have also cable tunnel inside the fender, it can attach from the 3 millimetre to 10 millimetre cable. Just let us know what your cable width is and we can just customize the spec. We do have cooperate with many light Company like LITEMOVE or Light Skin or MYCARR and just let us know what you're expect for the light and we can design the bracket for you. Just come to find us in the raining season, we can give everything you want.