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Superior quality, satisfactory service, pursuit of excellence, ceaseless innovation and

Sunny Wheel was founded in 1984 by the General Manager Tony Hsu; was a small manufacturer of training wheels with only eight employees. Five years later, Sunny Wheel had begun making mudguards, developing modern, lightweight, quick release model. With successful sales, Sunny Wheel is well-known as the leading manufacturer to plastic mudguards.
Sunny Wheel has its own R&D dept. since 1990, and it plays an important role in the whole producing procedure. Being devoted to incorporating styling, quality and practicality in the products, Sunny Wheel has evolved to a professional supplier of mudguards, chain covers/guards, basket, training wheels and other further more accessories.
Unique styling and a wide variety of specifications not only satisfied the needs of our customers & consumers, but also make riders feel they are essential parts for on e bike due Sunny Wheel insists on a clear concept, fresh image and improved functioning on the product.

Sunny Wheel’s new production line has been operated in the city of Taicang, China in year 2000. Sunny Wheel has increased capacity, a greater sales territory, and better international competitiveness in order to provide better service to our customers.

Future out look 
A range of new-modern design product with user-friendly function, and high quality warranty promise is what will be provided to you by Sunny Wheel with its professional ability and technique in the future.

We also have very wide range of product line under“FLINGER”brand name. This brand has been well established world while. “FLINGER”in the bicycle industrial means creative, modern, new innovation concept. We enjoy each challenge to the technique and new innovation in product design for providing better quality product to our customers and consumers, along with the long term relationship building up policy in the company.


Company: Sunny Wheel Ind. Co., Ltd. 瑞振工業股份有限公司 Type: Manufacturer (North America , Central and South America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe )
Area: Taiwan/Changhua County Size:
Capital: 520000 ten thousand USD Year of registration: 1984
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Mode: North America , Central and South America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe
Business: Bike Mudguards/Fenders | Chain Covers/Guards | Training Wheels | Bike Grips | Bike Baskets | Children's Seats
Sell: Mudguards | Fenders | Chain Covers | Chain Guards | Training Wheels | Grips | Baskets | Children's Seats
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