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Sunny Wheel Ind. Co., Ltd. (2023Taipei cycle show)
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 Sunny Wheel was founded in 1984 by the General Manager Tony Hsu; was a small manufacturer of training wheels with only eight employees. Five years later, Sunny Wheel had begun making mudguards, developing modern, lightweight, quick release model. With successful sales, Sunny Wheel is well-known as the leading manufacturer to plastic mudguards.
Sunny Wheel has its own R&D dept. since 1990, and it plays an important role in the whole producing procedure. Being devoted to incorporating styling, quality and practicality in the products, Sunny Wheel has evolved to a professional supplier of mudguards, chain covers/guards, basket, training wheels and other further more accessories.
Unique styling and a wide variety of specifications not only satisfied the needs of our customers & consumers, but also make riders feel they are essential parts for on e bike due Sunny Wheel insists on a clear concept, fresh image and improved functioning on the product.