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Furkids Joie
Furkids Joie attached withSW-QR-113A to the handlebar.Go biking with little one wherevergo explore. SW-QR-113A is theQuick-release for baskets and bagsto attach on handledbar.
Around Handlebar SW-KC-111
Rear-carrier Lockable CaseMaterial: PCL485 x W315 x H190 mm / Weight : 1.6 kgKC-111: Case only.KC-111A: Optional Laptop Holder only.KC-111-01: Case with Laptop Holder included.For more details, please
Around Handlebar SW-CB-111+CR-111(A/B)
Material: PP Capacity: 12 L.CR-111: Quick-release adaptor without lock.CR-111A: Quick-release adaptor with additional lock.CR-111B: Quick-release adaptor with integrated lock on botton..For more deta
Around Handlebar SW-906(A)
Material: PP Capacity: 13.5 L. Multi-color choice with MOQ 500 sets: Black / Gray / Yellow / Red.SW-906: with curved base.SW-906A: with flat base.For more details, please direct inquiries to us. Than
Around Handlebar SW-QA-111A(B/C)
Aluminum Handlebar Quick-release Adaptor SW-RBK-ST1 Material: Aluminum / PA6 QA-111A: Fit 22.2 ~ 25.4mm handlebars QA-111B: Fit 28.6 ~ 31.8mm handlebars QA-111C: Fit 22.2 ~ 31.8mm handlebars Color Cho
Around Handlebar SW-QR-111(A)
Handlebar Quick-release AdaptorMaterial: PA6 Head light fixture added. Multi-angle adjustable. Adapt all Sunny Wheel baskets and bags.QR-111: with regular head-light fixture.QR-111A: with extended hea
Around Handlebar SW-QRA(1)
Handlebar Quick-release Adaptor Material: PA6 Adapt all Sunny Wheel baskets and bags. Additional stainless wire for safe load: 5 kg.QRA: fit 25.4or28.6~31.8mm handlebars.QRA1: fit 31.8mm handlebar.For
Around Handlebar SW-QRC(D)
Upright-post Quick-release Adaptor Material: PA6 Adapt all Sunny Wheel baskets and bags. Selective QR01(S) steel clamp to fix upright head tubeorseat post.QRC: with Push-back release system.QRD: with
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